Frequent traffic jams on Talab Tilo Road pester commuters

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The vital road link from Talab Tiloo Bohri continues to witness frequent traffic jams, owing to failure of authorities to regulate the vehicular movement.

Commuters say there is no end to traffic jams they face each day on the Talab Tiloo

“The traffic jams have become a routine affair and each day we lose many hours in these jams. The authorities seem to be clueless to address this growing problem,” said a commuter Ramesh Kumar.

He further states that he inquired from one traffic personal as to why such traffic jams are frequently seen, to which he replied that with small strength of traffic staff it not possible to manage huge traffic on this vital point.

The commuters and drivers are often seen regulating traffic on the road as traffic police remains missing.

Commuters including students, employees and traders alleged that the authorities were not taking appropriate steps to end menace of traffic jams.