Covid-19: For a noble cause, 30 NGOs, social workers join hands to help needy in Kashmir

Keep 900 essential kits ready to serve Valley’s poor lot, set target to keep 2000 kits available to meet demands in emergency situation

Srinagar, Apr 02 : Setting a big example of humanity, at least 30 NGOs and scores of social workers have joined hands to help the, needy, poor, downtrodden and poorest or the poor lot in Kashmir in times outbreak of Pandemic Covid-19.

Relentless, and stealth in its spread, the virus has now left behind a seemingly endless trail of its victims across the valley. Lockdown all of a sudden became the utmost important action to be taken, leaving no time for people who were still emerging from repercussions of previous lockdowns, to get prepared for the worse that was yet to come.

In an unprecedented crisis like the one people of Kashmir are facing, many NGOs and social workers/volunteer have come forth as a beacon of help for the struggling masses. Among such groups is Alhasanat Foundation Trust which came forward with an initiative of joining forces by collaborating with Infack Foundation and Mother Charitable Trust along with many other organizations in order to serve the Kashmiri people. They have a made a Coordination Committee and are working under one platform.

Talking to wire service—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Umar Beebak, spokesperson-Coordination Committee said that, “In a meeting that was held on March 25 with Infack Foundation and Mother Charitable Trust, we made a coordination committee and decided that the three of us along with other social workers will work jointly in order to cover larger areas as it was a no brainer that the situation is going to get worse”. He further said that seeing their initiative, later on many other organizations also decided to join forces and as of now they are working with more than 30 organizations in district Srinagar alone.

“The Committee has a rulebook which covers four sectors,” said Umar, adding that the book focusses on—formation of essential kits for general public so that the lock down continues. “These kits contain groceries and other nonperishable food items which are yet to be distributed. Mr. Umar said that till now they have made more than 900 kits and counting,” he said. “Second, distribution of medicines among locals for now while simultaneously stocking for the future. And distribution of water in the quarantine centers with help from the administration.”

“The committee has also created help centers in North, South and Central Kashmir to collect donations and to supply the essentials. The volunteers are ready donned in protective gears for the distribution of the above mentioned kits”, said Umar. He appealed to the administration to provide passes to their volunteers so that there is no impediment in their movement amidst the lockdown. He said that this is to ensure that needy people are being provided with the necessary items without a break and also to collect the donations to keep this noble work going –