Vision Kashmir seeks immediate assistance to combat COVID Pandemic

Days and nights are turning longer and the hope of getting justice is becoming bleaker day in and day out for the displaced relief holders and over aged youth as no one has till date been able to take iota of responsibility to provide any solace to their oozing wounds and scars being continuously their destination from last 30 years.

This was deliberated through tele -conferencing by the executive members of Vision Kashmir – an organization of over aged youth and relief holders.
The handout of the Vision Kashmir said that ,unfortunately in this pandemic the misfortune had multiplied to such an extent that it has made the life hell because for the life of relief holders as how can an individual make both ends meet on a meager amount of Rs 3250 in this situation when rates of commodities are touching sky ,how do you expect them to live when every family spends an expenditure of at least Rs 5000 on medicine and then it is a guess for everyone that how life can sustain other routine necessities of milk, vegetable children fee, LPG etc though we demanded a hike in the cash assistance but always turned out to be beating the trump to deaf ears who are neither sensitive nor accountable under any circumstances come what may.
They further said that now the situation of over aged relief holders is terrible being dependant on government even to breathe what they can do under such circumstances even though they made a strong representation before the newly constituted task force by government on 14/04/2020 to review the creation of economic activity and employment avenues for them, but nothing fruitful on the demand of any sort of economic bail out as is being done out in many cases from time to time but without adjusting this miniscule chunk of over aged relief holders who are completely dependent on cash assistance whose condition of sustenance turned worst ever due to pandemic.

Members of Vision Kashmir while expressing the anguish over the ignominy of relief holders by the authorities, said we are not demanding moon, we are only demanding right to life which is constitutionally guaranteed, therefore humbly request the authorities concerned to release April2020 cash assistance with some economic bail viz-a- viz exgracia amount to continue our daily living as it is a humane problem and proprietary demands its mitigation without technical trappings otherwise only a list of misfortunes is awaiting us and we will be left with no option but to protest and the consequences arising out of that will be the ultimate responsibility of authorities who are doing step motherly treatment with the children of lesser gods.