Vision Kashmir express Concern for relief holders amid COVID 19

Vision Kashmir an organization of over aged relief holders held its meeting and expressed serious concerns about the financial crisis of relief holders emerging due to the outbreak of COVID19 and lockdown. The meeting was chaired by its convener Sunil fotedar
Convener of the organization in the meeting said that due to complete lockdown since 23rd March nearly 20563 families and 68088 souls of relief holders who were already living a life of depravity and now their financial worries added more miseries to them, but the government is hell bent to resolve their issues despite keeping in view of the grave situation emerging out of covid19.
He said that Over aged relief holders are completely dependent on cash assistance, have been hit hard on the economic front and are now heading towards serious implications and the entire generation is almost getting wiped out due to economic instability, leading to physical and psychological stress among them.
He further said that they have come across many stumbling blocks since 1990 to keep ourselves alive by facing a lot of embracement and humiliation at the hands of authorities who are at the helm of affairs.
where ignorance prevails justice is denied and miseries enforced with the result we have to come on roads time and again for our sustenance and survival.
Other members of Vision Kashmir said that the misfortunes of relief holders has multiplied to such an extent that they continue to struggle to deal with their basic amenities for their sustenance. They further said that how can they make both ends meet with a meager amount of Rs 3250 in this situation when rates of commodities are touching sky, how do we expect to live when a person dependant on cash assistance of Rs 3250, spends an amount of Rs 4000 on life saving medicines and moreover it is a guess for every one to think how to sustain with other necessities viz-a-viz, household, education of children etc.
The said that while interacting with secretary relief and reconstruction on 4th March in his office at civil secteriat at jammu, a memorandum was also submitted regarding the plight of over aged relief holders, in turn we were assured by the secretary that all possible measures will be taken to mitigate the sufferings of over aged relief holders.
In an appeal to LT Governor and Secretary Relief, Revenue and Reconstruction, over aged relief holders urged them to look into their genuine demands viz-a viz , enhancement in monthly cash assistance, soft loans for self employment and inclusion of relief holders in Ayushumam Bharat pradhan mantra jan arogya yojna. Which will give a healing touch to this deprived section of the displaced community.
Over aged relief holders expressed hope that their genuine problems will be given due redressal at earliest in order to minimize their sufferings in this crucial period.