Advisory on CyberCrimes Beware of Credit Card frauds using rent payment apps

July 11th ,2020 :- Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre Ministry of Home Affairs vide Cybercrime Information 84 has advised the general public that a new trend of cyber crime has come to fore after online apps facilitated rent transfer using credit/debit cards. The Rent Payment apps like NoBroker Pay, CRED, RentPayment etc are in significant demand. These apps allow tenants to pay rent to landlords using credit card or debit card, charging convenience fees. However, these apps are used by some fraudsters to conduct financial frauds.

Explaining the modus operandi the Cyber Crime Coordination Centre has informed that first the Fraudster opens an account with a rent payment app and registers himself/herself as landlord with his/her own account number. Then the Fraudster calls the victim and tricks him/her to provide credit card details. Using this credit card number, the fraudster initiates a rent payment process from the app, victim’s credit/debit card is debited and Debit SMS is received by the victim.

Suggesting a series of precautionary measures the advisory urges for verifying credentials of the app and the landlord, before initiating any online payment process. If such fraud is noticed, immediately contact the customer support of the rent payment app. They may stop the transaction if contacted within the permissible hours of unauthorized debit. It is further advised that never share your credit/debit card details to any person over a phone call. Do not install remote access software like Anydesk, Quick support etc. if someone asks you to install it.

Taking congnisance of the growing menace cybercrime, the Jammu and Kashmir Police force is making all out efforts to curb cybercrime effectively. General public is requested to contact the nearest Police Station or Cyber Police Station or concerned district Police Control Rooms, for any help/complaint in this regard.