Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter followers cross 60 million mark

Prime Minister Narendra Modi achieved yet another milestone when his Twitter handle crossed 60 million followers on Sunday.

PM Modi is one of the most followed world leaders on social media and his popularity continues to soar.

PM Modi started using Twitter in 2009 when he was the Gujarat chief minister. In 2010, he had one lakh followers. His follower count had reached four lakh in November, 2011.

PM Modi uses the platform to connect with his followers and make political statements.

In March, PM Modi had said in one of his cryptic tweets that he is thinking about giving up his social media accounts. That turned out to be his way of celebrating Women’s Day (on March 8). At that time, he had 53.3 million followers on Twitter.

His account was managed by seven women achievers on Women’s Day.

Combined with his Facebook profile and YouTube channel, PM Modi’s messages gwt massive reach among the audience. He has used these social media platforms for Clean India campaign, women safety, and also to give up subsidy for the Ujjwala programme of the government which provides subsidised cooking gas to financially weaker sections.

He has also used the platform extensively to inform people about the steps the government is taking to stop the spread of the coronavirus disease.

In 2018, an international survey ranked PM Modi among the top three leaders of the world.

Former US President Barak Obama has retained the top spot with over 120 million followers. His successor and current US President Donald Trump has close to 84 million followers.HT