Russia developing versatile engine for Sukhoi fighter jets

Moscow: Russia’s Lyulka Design Bureau of Ufa Engine Industrial Association (part of the United Engine Corporation) is developing a versatile engine that could be installed on fighter aircraft of Su family, managing director at Ufa Engine Industrial Association, Evgeny Semivelichenko told reporters.

“Every year, Lyulka Design Bureau receives about 60-80 patents for something new. Moreover, today we are considering the possibility of creating a kind of versatile engine using the components of previous engines in order to obtain higher technical characteristics,” Semivelichenko said.

According to him, this universal engine will be installed on Su-27, Su-30 Su-35 fighter jets without modifying the airframe.

“There is such an order from the Ministry of Defence. We are carrying out this work,” Semivelicheko added.

These fighter aircraft are currently equipped with three types of engines – AL-31F for Su-27, AL-31FP for Su-30 and AL-41F1S for Su-35.