Circular Road, Panjtirthi to be named as Atal Ji Chowk

JAMMU, July 24: Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) has changed the names of various Chowks in the City of Temples following the resolutions passed by the its General House which were moved by the Councilors who had made a persistent demand in this regard during the session of the Corporation in February this year.
As per the notification issued by JMC with regard to changing of names, the Circular Road, Matador Stand Panjtirthi has been now named on former Prime Minister of India and veteran BJP leader, Atal Behari Vajpayee. This chowk will henceforth be called as Atal Ji Chowk.
Likewise famous City Chowk, Jammu has been named as Bharat Mata Chowk while the Shahbad Colony in Ward No 47 Jammu has been named as Bahu Lochan Colony. It may be recalled that Raja Bahu Lochan was brother of Raja Jambu Lochan, the founder of Jammu city and its ruler.
As a befitting tribute to Raja Bahu Lochan, the JMC has also decided to install his statue near the Gandola Park Bahu Fort. Besides, a statue of former Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee will be installed at Kachi Chawni Chowk, Jammu as a honour to this great statesman of India.
The JMC has also changed the name of Ghaas Mandi Chowk near Kanak Mandi and Lakhdata Bazar, here by designating it as Lala Amarnath Mahajan Chowk a veteran leader of Jammu who also remained Councilor of Jammu Municipality in seventies & eighties and fought for the cause of people of the erstwhile State as well as was among the front line leaders in Praja Parishad Movement of fifties. He was also jailed during this struggle for the cause of the people.
The statue of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur a great Sikh warrior will also be installed in Kunjwani Chowk Jammu which was a long pending demand of members of Sikh community who had given many memorandums to both Central and State Governments from time to time in this regard.
Baba Banda Singh Bahadur was a resident of Rajouri district in J&K who was baptized by 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj and he fought many battles for righteous cause. He established first Sikh Raj after invading the Sirhind by defeating and eliminating Wajid Khan of then ruler of Suba Sirhind and took the revenge from the Sirhind ruler.
The name of fourth Tawi bridge round above Chowk, Bhagwati Nagar has been designated as Baba Amar Nath Chowk after the name of Barfani Baba Amarnath Jee. It may be recalled that Amarnath Yatri Niwas, Bhagwati Nagar the base camp of Swami Amarnath pilgrims is in at a stone’s throw from this Chowk.
The resolutions were moved by JMC Councilors during the sitting of its 9th General House on February 28 and 29 this year which were passed by the House.
Later the minutes were submitted to the Administrative Department in Civil Secretariat for its approval by JMC Commissioner, Avny Lavasa on June 8 this year for consideration and further necessary action in this regard.
The Administrative Depar-tment vide its communication number HUD/JMC /40/2020 (1) (a) of Jammu Municipal Corporation Act 2000 asked the JMC to take further necessary action in the matter under Section 237 (1) (a) of Jammu Municipal Corporation Act 2000.
Later the JMC Commissioner under the powers vested to her under Section 237 accorded sanction for the changing of names of Chowks for which the resolution was already passed in the 9th General Council Meeting of the JMC.