COVID-19 vaccine by Russia may be available for public use by August 10

As the race for the coronavirus vaccine intensifies, Russia is planning to launch the world’s first coronavirus vaccine for public use within two weeks, despite safety and efficacy concerns, says a report.

The adenoviral vector-based vaccine is currently in the phase 2 trials. The vaccine is being developed by Russian military and government researchers.
The Russian officials are hoping to get the approval for the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Moscow based Gamaleya Institute by 10 August or even before. The vaccine will be available for public use and the frontline healthcare workers will be receiving it first.

Since Russia is yet to release scientific data on its coronavirus vaccine trails, the question about the safety and efficacy remains. The vaccine right now in phase II trial, while developers are planning to launch the phase 3 trial around August 3.
The health officials are concerned about the safety of the vaccine as human testing is yet incomplete and state registration will begin on August 3.