Dr Rakesh Mahajan a famous Doctor Shows his hidden Talent During Lockdown

Dr Rakesh Mahajan (Apollo Diagnostic Centre) is a well known person in the city of Jammu and is occupied in his profession most of the days but this lockdown has given him an opportunity to do things that he never had time for. He makes sketches, sings songs and try his best to keep the people around him happy and entertained. He believes if you are still safe at your place despite the covid situation , you must feel blessed and not even waste a single second of your lives. He believes that since few months there has been a lot of negativity in the world and it is leading to increased sadness and depression among people. But instead of getting upset because of this pandemic situation people must find the silver lining and take this time to explore new hobbies and talents, try new things and spend time with themselves and their family. Instead of going out by risking your lives for entertainment people should stay home and find other productive ways of enjoyment like painting, watching movies, cooking, video calling your close ones and much more. People must stay grateful and optimistic and spread happiness and positivity.