J&K’s deprived youth provided with equal opportunity: Dr Jitendra Singh

NEW DELHI: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said here today that deprived youth of Jammu & Kashmir have been provided with equal opportunity, thus undoing the injustice of last seven decades and this is precisely one of the biggest achievements of the last one year.

Addressing webinar of youth workers of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), on the eve of the completion of one year of the constitutional and administrative change brought about in Jammu & Kashmir on 5th August 2019, Dr Jitendra Singh said, whatever be the grievances or the heartburns of some of those whose vested interest has suffered a setback, the future historians will give us the credit for having provided a level – playing field for the children of Balmiki Samaj who were, even after obtaining Post Graduate and Doctorate Degrees constrained to work as Safai-Karamcharis and Gorkhas whose forefathers served the Indian Army but who were themselves denied jobs simply because they were not entitled to citizenship rights.

Giving full credit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose conviction made it possible to bring about this change, Dr Jitendra Singh said, regardless of whichever party we belong to or whichever ideology we subscribe to, no school of thought anywhere in the world could have endorsed a dispensation which discriminated between one section of the youth and the other, and which reserved all rights and privileges for a handful few while conveniently excluding the others.

He wondered, why the champions of human rights across the world have not come forward to hail the act of undoing this anomaly and while these human rights protagonists make hue and cry over an alleged injustice happening to even a single youth anywhere in world, why they remained silent when three generations of youth were at the receiving end on one of the gravest injustices to mankind.

As for youth, Dr Jitendra Singh said, under the new arrangement in Jammu & Kashmir which has come into being after 5th August followed by the midnight of 31st October 2019, there is no room left for middlemen or dubious recommendations or jobs for money or backdoor entry in recruitment to lower grade posts.

The selection to these posts will now be held purely on the basis of the merit in written test and skill test will also be of qualifying nature only, he added.

He reiterated that the Modi government is committed to offer opportunity to the poorest of the poor youth depending on his or her calibre and hard work, and no amount of extraneous pressure or backdoor lobbying or motivated campaign will be allowed to have its way.

Dr Jitendra Singh reiterated that no government in the world can provide government jobs to each and every individual but the duty of a responsible government is to enable youth to be capable of earning their livelihood.

In the new setup in Jammu & Kashmir, there will be opportunity for self-employment and livelihood through skill and vocational capacity building as well as by means of new industry and investment initiatives happening without any barriers of the past.

Among the youth representatives who spoke on the occasion were Prabhat Singh from Reasi, Gurdip Chhib from Ramban and others.