Councillor inaugurates ‘Open-Air-Gym’ at Channi Himmat

JAMMU: In order to promote physical fitness among the people, Councillor of Ward number 50, Neena Gupta inaugurated an ‘Open-Air Gym’ at Public Park, Channi Himmat.

Rajinder Mehta BJP J&K executive member IT and Social Media, Balwan Singh BJP Jammu District Secretary, Kamlesh Magotra BJP Mahilla Morcha Gandhi Nagar mandal secretary, Bhumi Chand Sharma and local residents were also present on the occasion.

“The Open-Air Gym has been established by JMC equipped with facilities like air walkers, arm wheel, twister, cycle, waist and back relaxer, cross-walkers, sit-up benches etc; which are tamper and weather-proof machines,” said Gupta.

Councillor asserted that these Gyms were suited not only for reaching the required fitness levels, but can also be used for medical and health treatments. “With features like the ease of accessibility and free usage, it may even prove to entice the un-initiated residents into a healthier lifestyle” she said.

Neena Gupta further said that efforts would be made to set up more such Gyms throughout the Ward to facilitate residents.