Rahu and Ketu are about to change signs on 23 Sep 2020, and create significant changes in once life.

Rahu and Ketu are about to change signs on 23 Sep 2020, and create significant changes in once life. The shadowy planets Rahu and Ketu will enter the axis of Taurus and Scorpio respectively on September 23, 2020, and stay for the next 18 months. Taurus we value in life- family, money, speech, and material assets. Being ruled by the bull, Taurus is the storehouse of fertile energy. Rahu, which is all about extra licentiousness, material prospeity, and outreach ,embellish Taurus degree of excellence’. Rahu in Taurus also feels steady and can give wealth and material contentment as the earthy Taurus can leg up it. Ketu , the moksha karaka will likely to enter the sign of impenetrable Scorpio. Scorpio signifies mystery, depth and multifariousness and so is Ketu. Ketu a shadow planet and when it is placed in Scorpio, it helps the person outshine in research and have good knowledge of occult subjects and sciences. These natives can exceed in medical field, and surgery. Let us see how this transit is going to affect all zodiac signs :


Aries: Rahu is positioning in second place so likely to achieve unexpected income. Family’s support on positive note and gets benefits from foreign contacts. Ketu in eighth house may cause health issues. Pray to Lord Ganesh
Taurus: Native will get successful career. Foreign trips will be meaningful. May earn money during this period. Be Cautious of troubles the and misunderstanding with his life partner.
Gemini: Unexpected expenses, foreign trips, misunderstanding from friends circle. Watch out for Health it may get affected
Cancer: Rahu will be in 11th place so native will get lot of benefits & income by various sources. Foreign trips will be more useful to them. May have trouble from kids side .special care for love life
Leo: lot of business contacts and new openings. New partners will bring success.
Virgo: Rahu gives successful career. Foreign trips will beneficial. Ketu gives spiritual interest.
Libra: Suggest not to jump for new business, failure in business coz of 8th Rahu. Better to avoid foreign trips. 2nd Ketu gives chaos in family life. Little misbalance in income. So spend wisely.
Scorpio: Will get married or make a balance between love life and emotions May encounter detachment in material life & spiritual aspirations.
Sagittarius: Rahu will make secret enemies, health issues may arise. So take care of your health. Ketu will give unexpected expense.
Capricorn: Can start new career, will get new opening and social circle. You will get popularity & political influence coz of 5th Rahu 11th Ketu may affect the businesses benefits.
Aquarius: May face issues in your career. Better to avoid starting new businesses.
Pisces: You will taste the success. Unexpected wealth, support from your friend circle, Foreign trips; new Contact will be useful.