Covishield to be sold in private market for Rs 1,000 per dose

‘Covishield to be sold in private market for Rs 1,000 per dose’


NEW DELHI: Serum Institute of India CEO Adar Poonawalla on Tuesday described the dispatch of Covishield vaccines for the January 16 national inoculation drive a “proud and historic” moment.


Early Tuesday, the first consignment of the vaccines rolled out of the SII facility in Pune for transport to various locations in the country.


Speaking to the select media persons at the SII facility, Poonawalla said the real challenge lies in taking the vaccine to the “common man, to the vulnerable groups of people and to healthcare workers”.


“Our trucks left the SII facility early morning and now the vaccine is being distributed in the entire country. This is a proud and historic moment as scientists, experts and all other stakeholders took great efforts while making this vaccine in less than a year,” he said.


Poonawalla said the SII has offered the vaccine to the Government of India at a special price of Rs 200.


“This is one of the most affordable vaccines in the world and we are offering it to the GoI at a special price just to support the prime minister’s vision and to support the ‘aam aadami’ of our country,” he added.